Happy Mommy. Happy Baby.

Strengthen, lengthen, tone.

Pilates has become one of the best modalities for expecting and new mothers. Prenatal pilates can prepare the body for labour, while postnatal pilates is a proven way to regain your pelvic floor muscles and increase core strength and muscle tone. 

Our expert pre/post natal pilates instructors support and guide to help you 

  • In-home pre/post natal: pilates instruction in the comfort and privacy of your home
  • Focus: core strength, toning, and lengthening 
  • Anahana Wellness Advisor to support and motivate you throughout your journey 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is prenatal pilates?

    The perfect low-impact pregnancy workout! With consultation from your doctor, our instructors focus on gentle exercises that strengthen your pelvic floor and core muscles. Expecting mothers can look forward to benefits from decreased back pain to increased flexibility and balance.

  • Is prenatal pilates safe?

    When in your second trimester and with consultation from your doctor, yes, no-impact pilates can be perfectly safe for you and your little one inside!

  • What can you not do in pilates when pregnant?

    Our certified pilates instructors monitor you closely to ensure you’re not doing exercises that place undesirable stress and strain on your abdominal cavity. There is a safe and correct way to work your abdominals pregnant though! Additionally, as of the second trimester you will avoid laying on your stomach and spending too much time on your back.

  • Is pilates or yoga better for pregnancy?

    Great question, we like to combine both! Pilates is beneficial to strengthen your tiny stabilizer muscles for a strong core, and pairing that with prenatal or restorative yoga can result in increased relaxation through breathwork. Ask your Anahana Wellness Advisor on the best program to incorporate yoga into your prenatal pilates program. Learn more about piliates or yoga benefits. 

  • Does pilates help after pregnancy?

    Absolutely. With consultation from your doctor, our instructors focus on exercises designed to rebuild your core, strengthen your hips and back, and stabilize your pelvic floor.

  • Is pilates safe postpartum?

    Generally, yes. Of course with the okay from your doctor, we can work together to determine the right postnatal pilates program for you.

  • When can I do pilates after a c-section?

    We work alongside your doctor to determine when you can begin postnatal pilates. Typically, our clients start once they’ve passed the six week recovery mark.

  • How long are sessions?

    Pilates sessions are generally 1 hour.