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4 7 8 Breathing

Explore the world of mindful breathing through the 478 breathing...


It goes without saying that water is critical to our survival,...


Learn more about the concept of manifestation to turn your actions,...

Diaphragmatic Breathing

Discover the power of diaphragmatic breathing. Perfect for athletes,...

Mindful Eating

Chances are, you don’t think much about the way you chew — and who...


Spirituality is a fundamental aspect of human experience, which can...

Box Breathing

The square breathing exercises, also known as box breathing, is a...

Workplace Wellness

Today, more than ever before, a focus on mental health and holistic...

Silva Method

Understand the principles and benefits of the Silva method and how...

Breathing Exercises

Eastern cultures have practiced relaxation techniques, including...

Healthy Habits

A habit is a behavior that requires little thought or effort to carry...


Creating abundance is achieved by shifting the mindset to focus on...

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Mala Beads

Learn about the significance, history, uses, and benefits of the Mala beads, which practices use them, and how they can support your spiritual...



Delve into the science, functions, and stages of sleep, explore sleep disorders and their impact, and learn about the essential role of sleep in...


Emotional maturity

Emotional maturity is vital for personal growth, resilience, and empathy. It involves understanding and regulating emotions, fostering...



In Padahastasana, the practitioner stands forward with legs straight and places their hands beneath their feet, with palms facing upward and fingers...


Lucid Dreaming

Learn more about a phenomenon known as lucid dreaming, mechanisms, benefits, risks, and strategies to induce lucid dreaming, and train your mind to...


Rest and Digest

Rest and digest is like pressing a reset button and giving ourselves permission to just breathe and be at peace. So, next time you feel stressed or...



Prana is an ancient concept that describes the vital energy flow that is a foundation for all living being and governs all movement in the body,...


Sleep Inertia

Consistently falling asleep after an alarm goes off, trouble getting out of bed, and long-lasting grogginess? Sounds like sleep inertia. Sleep...



Learn more about motivation: how people become and stay motivated, the types of inspiration, and ways to develop and improve self-actualization,...


Vinyasa Yoga

The term vinyasa is derived from the Sanskrit term Nyasa, which means to place, and the prefix vi, meaning in a special way. It is a modern style of...


Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation occurs when an individual does not get enough sleep necessary for the human body to function properly. Without enough sleep, an...



Wellbeing is a multi-dimensional concept that encompasses a multitude of interconnected factors. It is widely recognized as the optimal state of...

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