Virtual. Real-time. Connected.

Your workout. Wherever you go.

Travelling or always on-the-go and want to keep up with your pilates instructor? Imagine the possibilities with Anahana Live Stream Pilates - stay strong and lean with real-time pilates wherever you go. 

The perfect harmony of tech and pilates, online lessons make it easy to keep your muscles toned even when life gets hectic. Our private streaming pilates sessions offer the same focused attention from your personal pilates instructor - only remotely! 

Our virtual studios open up the opportunity to learn and train with the best pilates instructors in the world - wherever you are! Anahana’s global instructor network expands from pilates masters in South Korea to breathing experts in Hawaii. Even better, instruction is also offered in a variety of languages.

Sounds good right? Here’s our live stream pilates breakdown:

  • Chat with an Anahana Wellness Advisor to walk through your goals and tell us a little bit about yourself
  • We’ll listen, ask questions, and then match you with the right instructor to best help you achieve what you’re looking for 
  • Meet your expert pilates instructor and start your first online session
  • All you need is a reliable internet connection and your mat!
  • Bonus: sessions are recorded and available for download!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer individual sessions or is membership required?

    Individual in-home and live streaming classes are offered for most types of pilates workouts while some other services are only available to Anahana Wellness Passport members. (Note: Our Wellness Passport Program is currently wait-listed until January 2020).

  • What is a Wellness Advisor?

    Do you want to be proactive in living a healthier, happier, and longer life? Wellness Advisors help you do just that by working with you to determine immediate and long term goals, strategies that work for you, and provide the tools and professionals to make it happen.

  • How much do private pilates sessions cost?

    It varies depending on the type of service and your location. Shorter streaming sessions start at $65 and onsite/in-home can go up to $450+/hour for Anahana Specialists. HST is charged for some services and not others per CRA regulations. Insurance can cover some services.

  • What fitness equipment will I need?

    If you have home pilates equipment, great! We can build a pilates program around your home studio. If not, no worries! Our pilates instructors also provide robust mat workouts that give you all the same strengthening and lengthening results you’re looking for.

  • Ok, I am 100% in! When can I start?

    Usually right away! Ok, maybe tomorrow. The first step is to chat with an Anahana Wellness Advisor so we can learn a little more about how we can help you best and match you with just the right instructor to meet your wellness goals.