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Last Updated: February 21, 2024

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Understand the principles and benefits of the Silva method and how you can use it to unleash the hidden power of the mind and find your true potential.

What is the Silva method?

Several modern ailments, including depression, anxiety, lack of focus and heart disease, are linked to an individual’s mental health. The Silva method is a mind control meditation and self-help program developed by José Silva. It aims to improve an individual’s mental ability through psychic abilities, relaxation and the development of higher brain functions.

The Silva Life system technique inculcates positive thinking by eliminating negative thoughts, consisting of meditation exercises for mind control, improved focus and higher brain functions through relaxation and meditation.

Jose Silva’s work

Jose Silva was an electronics repairman who grew up in Laredo, Texas. He developed an interest in psychology in the US Signals Corps during the second world war. He ran the Silva Mind Control program in the 1940s to observe whether it could help improve children’s IQ, concentration and homework.

He first investigated the program's effectiveness on his friends and family before launching it in the 1960s. The experiment convinced him, and Silva decided that memory and intuition had improved in the children due to his daughter’s sudden clairvoyance. Therefore, he decided to investigate further the development of psychic abilities, which led to the development of the Silva mind control method.

The Silva method was first taught throughout the US, was translated into different languages and introduced in other countries after its launch by Jose Silva.

Principles of the Silva method

The Silva method is based on three main principles: alpha and theta state of mind, healing imagery, and DBE thought process.

Theta and alpha brain states

The focus of the silva method is to sustain and use the alpha state of mind more consciously, including the transition to sleeping and daydreaming. It includes a brainwave frequency of 14-17 Hz. The technique allows individuals to reach slower cycles, including delta and theta, where the delta cycle is achieved during deep sleep and is the slowest.

The alpha level is linked to the right brain hemisphere about intuition, creativity and visual processes. When an individual's body is at the alpha level, that is equivalent to a state of meditation where individuals can put their body in conducive healing.

In the alpha state, individual cells repair themselves, the immune system is strengthened, and stress is dissipated from an individual's body. Individuals can also overcome negative thoughts and behaviors, including drinking and smoking.

Therefore, using the method, an individual can improve their memory, creativity, concentration, and intuition using the Silva method. It can help individuals achieve goals in healing, memory and learning ability in various areas of daily life.

Healing imagery

The Silva method visualization uses guided imagery methods. The feeling materialized using the healing imagery must be felt in the present.

The method intends to train people to enter states of enhanced awareness in the brain. The mental processes allow individuals to project a specific goal mentally. Once an individual projects their mind, they can view and connect with distant locations or objects with greater intelligence.

The information the projected mind receives is perceived as feelings, images, thoughts, tastes, sounds, and smells. The information obtained through the Silva method can be utilized to solve problems.

Desire, Believe and Expect thought process

The Desire, Believe and Expect (DBE) thought process based on the placebo effect allows individuals to develop a deep desire for a goal and belief that one can achieve the set goal. Following a desire and belief, there must be an expectation of the goal to be attained.

The goals can be small, major goals, and minor or severe health issues. The process can trigger self-healing if individuals believe in their desired goals.

Benefits of the Silva method

benefits of the silva methodOnly a few people are aware of the benefits of the wide-ranging methods of meditation encompassed by the Silva Method.

The Silva Method helps individuals gain control over their thoughts and minds and steer their thoughts toward positive outcomes.

The self-help program and meditative technique can help individuals realize their potential and eliminate the negativity surrounding them while enhancing their physical and mental well-being.

One of the major benefits of the Silva method of meditation is the technique's ability to control chronic pain. Individuals started feeling more optimistic, relaxed, and free of stress and experienced free concentration, enhanced their well-being and overcame physical and mental challenges.

Some benefits of the method include boosting health, improved memory, deep relaxation, cure for insomnia, pain control, strengthened intuitions, blood flow control, and improved imagination to transform existence.

Other benefits of the Silva method include increased healing states, energy level control, self-diagnosis of physical challenges, and cognitive development, besides helping self-diagnosing physical, mental and emotional anomalies.

Positive outlook towards life

When individuals discover the strength of the mind, they gain greater control and authority over their lives. The Silva Method adds confidence to all that individuals do and enables them to achieve their goals with passion and enthusiasm.

Complete control over an individual's mind can allow them to implement good beliefs and habits.

Self healing

A long-term benefit of the Silva Method is initiating self-healing in individuals. Individuals have the skills and training to heal themselves during their journey. They learn various techniques to self-diagnose their issues and determine other individuals' health issues.

The method arouses an individual's natural healing ability, allowing them to forget the negative thoughts and move towards a healthier and positive lifestyle.

Achieving goals

As the Silva mind control method arouses natural healing, individuals can understand and work towards their goals with full enthusiasm and zeal. Individuals can use the Silva method to overcome the obstacles and challenges that come their way while working to achieve their goals.

Build focus

In today's world, individuals are easily distracted by various things around them, and the brain works on different things simultaneously. For example, the Silva method allows individuals to develop focus, overcome stress, relax, discover and connect with their inner selves. The exercises help individuals remain focused at work, maintain relationships and overcome health problems.

Improving memory using the Silva method

Several products or psychological treatments are available to individuals today to help boost memory. However, meditation can enable individuals to improve their memory and combat memory issues.

If an individual's mind is present, it can encode much information, registering it in one's memory. Meditative techniques enable the mind to remain focused on the current situation, be more attentive, retaining more information.

A technique for beginners to improve their memory using the Silva method involves finding a comfortable space to relax or sit in the open air, like a mat, chair or sofa. Individuals must focus on their breath and notice the air coming in and out. Individuals should try to breathe constantly without altering the pace of their breath. As individuals breathe steadily, individuals will find their minds drifting away as their feelings and thoughts appear in the brain. When that occurs, individuals must focus back on breathing.

Individuals must utilize this technique for ten minutes daily and provide greater results if it is spread out several times daily. The technique can be practiced anywhere, at home, in the car or at work. The goal is to become self-aware and focus the mind on the present to allow more information to be registered and retained in the brain, which helps boost memory.

Ways to overcome anxiety using the Silva method

The most effective way to overcome anxiety is using meditation. Meditation using the Silva techniques can significantly help individuals with a generalized anxiety disorder. Individuals will feel more focused and balanced, reducing anxious thoughts in an individual's minds.

The Silva method allows the brain muscle to relax and increases an individual's abilities by developing higher-order brain functions and alleviating exhaustion and stress.


The Silva method is a powerful self-help and mediation technique that involves meditation exercises and relaxation techniques that individuals can use to calm their minds, relieve stress and gain massive mind control.

Understanding the alpha state of mind and learning how to use dynamic meditation is critical in the Silva Mind Control program as it has tremendous health benefits in everyday life.  

Many audio programs, courses and books on different concepts are available in the market, including the Silva Life System and the Silva Ultramind system.

With these resources, individuals can create practical solutions to problems in their lives, self-healing and focused intuition in their minds.  





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