man and woman doing kundalini yoga trying to achieve the kundalini awakening and spirit bliss
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Kundalini Awakening

How to achieve the spirit bliss

This blog will focus a bit more on what we would refer to as the Kundalini spirit bliss or what others might call kundalini awakening, achieved by performing Kundalini yoga

Kundalini Spirit Bliss How To Awaken the Energy

elderly-man-sitting-in-yoga-pose-doing-yoga-for-men-minThis blog will focus a bit more on the yoga style called Kundalini and what we would refer to as the Kundalini spirit bliss or what others might call kundalini awakening. This could be an intentional or spontaneous Kundalini awakening. This is achieved by performing kundalini yoga, and through this awakening you could expect a beautiful and an enlightening experience alone while some could experience quite the opposite. It could also be a mixed of the two, where some elements might be beautiful while others are not.

Learn Yoga and Reap the Rewards

So many people are interested in reducing the stress and anxiety in their lives. Because yoga is widely known as a great way to reduce stress and combat anxiety. Many people end up looking to this practice as a way to manage the anxious and nervous spirals they live in.

But what kind of yoga is good for you? So many yogic methods are available that it can be difficult to choose just one!

Enter the yoga of Kundalini — which includes meditation.

Within the practice of this yoga, thousands of poses, and sequences (called kriyas) are available. Each one addresses a different area of your life that you may want to work on.

You may have heard of Kundalini before. Especially if you have done any research on the most effective forms of yoga and meditation. The practice is often laden with questions such as, “Is Kundalini yoga dangerous?” or “Is Kundalini dangerous?” Kundalini itself is a specific form of energy that many see as potentially volatile.

These questions often lead to people assuming that yoga should be kept at a distance. In fact, the claims of danger are largely false. Any enlightenment produced by the practice of Kundalini yoga is overwhelmingly positive. Rarely does anyone experience a panic attack or a negative outcome because of this practice.

Kundalini Energy & Bliss

man performing kundalini yoga cobra pose bhujangasanaKundalini energy is an energy that is always present, lying dormant along the spine of your body, at the base, also known as the root chakra. When the energy is awakened, it rises up along the spine allowing the practitioner to experience a deeper inner peace, lasting bliss, and spirituality, what we would refer to as the Kundalini bliss.

When practicing Kundalini and trying to achieve awakening or bliss, some fear the potential energy unlocking that comes with it, especially western world. There have been reports of practitioners with different experiences, emotions and feelings while others claim to have fallen into a state of depression and anxiety.

Yes, this is a potential side effect of kundalini but, and we emphasize the BUT here, it could happen but only if you try to force the energy to emerge before having prepared your mind and body through meditation. If your body is not prepared to handle the energy, this could very well go wrong and that kundalini bliss you were expecting, might never happen.

So, you should definitely be careful and never force anything! It is a safe practice if done correctly.

Again, never try to force the process - don’t try to push for a kundalini awakening. It is essential that you either have an experienced yoga instructor to guide you and that you do not practice this alone.  Performing intense pranayama, without being ready for it, is not the right way to go.

Different Kundalini Kriyas

A kriya is another word for action. In the world of Kundalini, a kriya will be a sequence of Kundalini yoga poses. Linked together they are aimed to achieve a specific purpose. Around 5,000 kriyas are known to exist — possibly more.

Here are some different Kriyas that may help you with different areas of your life:

  • Kriya for Elevationwoman sitting in lotus pose illustrating the different chakra locations
    The perfect kriya for balancing the Kundalini chakra. Ideal for a “tune-up” when you don’t have a lot of time to center yourself.
  • Sat Kriya
    This quick three-minute kriya offers a gentle exercise for daily use. It’s ideal for focusing your calmness and regulating blood pressure and heart rate in preparation for the day.
  • Outward Bound Kriya
    This vigorous kriya gives you a quick and succinct workout. It engages the Kundalini spirit and cultivates deep relaxation in the process.
  • Truth and Oneness Kriya
    This kriya helps you meditate on self-love. It invokes a series of chants and a short dance, both of which engage the spirit.
  • Nabhi Kriya
    This is a navel kriya and focuses on the core. Making it great for empowering and strengthening the Third Chakra — and your abdominal muscles.
Read this piece if you want to learn more about the different chakras, what they do and their benefits. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Kundalini Yoga

What happens during the Kundalini awakening process?

A Kundalini practitioner uses their body to move the spiritual energy along the spine. In essence, it's waking up the divine feminine life force energy, known as the Kundalini serpent, that lies coiled and locked at the base of our spine, also known as the root chakra, one of the 7 chakras along the spine.

Is Kundalini easy to learn?

Yes, it is. If you are a yoga beginner or novice, you will have no problems learning this practice. Many people assume it is difficult as there are roughly 5,000 Kriyas in this type of yoga. The good thing is that you do not need to memorize them all. Simply follow the instruction from a skilled Kundalini yoga instructor is all that is necessary. Getting that will give you a solid foundation to work from. Even better, with today's technology, you no longer need to look for "yoga near me" to find a studio that suits your needs. Everything can be handled through a computer, tablet, or phone. There are online yoga classes as well as private yoga lessons for everyone, beginner as a more experienced yogi. 

How can you recognize or feel the Kundalini energy?

You will sometimes experience an intense form of energy surge through the body and spine. Other times it might feel like a milder sensation, where the energy is activated in some parts of your body. This could be recognized as a tingling sensation.

Is Kundalini dangerous?

In some rare cases, the awakening of the Kundalini spirit brings about a powerful change. Some referred to as “Kundalini dangers.” You may feel that you have undergone a transformational experience. Also, that you are newly enlightened because of the practice.

Despite the perception that Kundalini is dangerous, there is no supporting evidence. Taught correctly, this type of yoga is safe, effective, and naturally loving.

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Clint Johnson

Written by Clint Johnson

Clint teaches Yoga, Pilates, breath, and mediation to students and teachers all over the world. Prior to joining the wellness world, CJ as his friends call him, started his career as a MBS derivative trader and portfolio manager on Wall St. Clint is the founder of Anahana, and holds an MBA from INSEAD.

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