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Learn more about the concept of manifestation to turn your actions, thoughts, emotions and beliefs into reality. Determining your dreams and goals is the first step to eliminating negative feelings and limiting beliefs.


What is Manifestation?

what is manifestationAccording to Psychology experts, manifestation refers to using one's feelings, thoughts and ideas to translate something intangible into reality.

Manifestation relies on spiritual and science-based practices as it can be defined as creating outcomes and circumstances consciously to fulfill one's desires and live a fulfilling life.

Whether an individual desires more money, success, a new job or a fancy car, manifestation can help them accomplish their life goals.


Process of Manifestation

Manifestation involves using different self-help strategies, such as belief and visualization, so their wishes may come to fruition. The techniques of manifestation are based on the law of attraction.

The process entails actions on the individual's part, redirecting requests to the "universe" or “higher power” in combination with positive thinking. An individual's mindset determines how they take advantage of opportunities that come their way and how they view the world.


The History of Manifestation

The term manifestation was first used in popular psychology books like "The Secret." The book popularized the law of attraction, the theory that individuals get back what they contribute to the world. In other words, the same energy they give off returns to them for better or worse.

If individuals have a clear vision, focus and believe that their visions can happen, they can attract their dreams into their lives through various manifestation methods.

Some scientists believe that the ideas represented in these books are pseudoscience, and manifestation has been criticized for having no scientific evidence validating the approach to manifestation.

However, research shows that manifestation is real and must be explored to evaluate how it can help individuals live their wishes and desires, manifesting what they want.


The Science Behind Manifestation

the science behind manfestationDespite the criticisms and common misconceptions, a fair amount of scientific evidence supports the idea of manifestation. Research demonstrates that a growth mindset is closely linked to manifestation as it shows that actualizing one’s thoughts and dreams is more likely to occur when an individual believes they can do a certain task.

Individuals with a positive mindset also tend to be more creative, productive and better problem solvers.

For instance, an individual that believes in their capabilities to work hard to get new job practices working hard and thus succeeds in their career.

The scientific evidence/science-based approach demonstrates that individuals with a growth mindset and who truly believe in themselves will be willing to focus on efforts that contribute to achieving their goals.

The key to manifestation is hard work. Individuals must strongly believe in themselves, be persistent, and engage in behaviors that lead them to their desired outcomes. They must be co-creating their reality with positive thoughts and productive behaviors.

Manifestation backed by science also depends on the self-fulfilling prophecy, the theory that what an individual feels and expects to come true is confirmed in reality due to the initial want for the outcome.

For instance, seeing something as negative will result in a cycle of negative emotions and manifest the negative day the individual expects.

An individual's mood also impacts the outcomes of manifestation. For instance, a pessimistic mood or negative attitude can hurt relationships and lead to negative interactions. Outputting negativity will only attract bad things in return.

In contrast, optimistic individuals tend to create better relationships, opportunities and greater success because they expect and output positivity.


Ways to Manifest

The first step in manifestation is being clear about what to manifest. Individuals must define exactly what they want and affirm perspective and clarity on their desires and wishes.

Mindful meditation can help individuals understand their thoughts and desires, as it is proven to improve clarity and self-awareness.

Other ways to determine what an individual wants to manifest include: creating a vision board (images and words of manifestations) or talking aloud to oneself or a good friend.

It can be hard for individuals to look ahead when stressed about the present; however, planning for the future is good for an individual's mental health, as being ready for change and keeping one's vision flexible is important as the world is unpredictable.


Positive Thinking

When individuals struggle to find clarity in their manifest, they may be fearful and full of negative thoughts, blocking successful manifestation.

It is important to have clarity and face one's fears. Once individuals are honest and clear about what they want to manifest into reality, it is important to have a positive mindset.

This will allow one to engage in actions that confirm their beliefs instead of dwelling on an idea or future that may or may not happen.


Manifesting Using Energy

Energy is sometimes required for manifestation. Exuding positive energy helps individuals attract positive things according to the law of attraction.

This energy work is consistent with a psychological approach to manifestation that relies on happiness, positive thoughts, and a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Using energy to manifest requires clarity about one's goals and being optimistic about achieving those goals. Dedicating positive energy to manifest love and gratitude and being grateful for what individuals already have is important.

Reflecting on what an individual is thankful for is crucial to encouraging positive emotions and thinking and removing negative energy.

Manifestation Values

Individuals must understand their values and what matters to them; being rooted in one's values will allow individuals to manifest unique dreams.

They must ask themselves whether the set goal will make them feel happy/fulfilled, will improve their life, or do harm or good to themselves or others. Asking oneself questions about their beliefs and values ensures individuals are on the right track with their manifestations.



Visualizing one's desires can evoke strong feelings about them being fulfilled and believing in oneself.

Closing one's eyes, taking deep breaths, and imagining a scenario where the desire has been fulfilled will allow individuals to become more enthusiastic about their desires and manifestations.  

An easy example of integrating positive affirmations is finding one positive belief about oneself and repeating it nine times in the mirror in the morning.



​Journaling provides individuals with a great opportunity and safe space to record their goals, thoughts and visions. Individuals can keep a gratitude journal to keep themselves motivated and a manifestation journal focusing on what individuals hope to achieve.

Scripting, another type of journaling manifestation, tricks an individual's brain into thinking they have already achieved their goals.

The script includes writing an entry from the perspective of the individual's future self or describing how one would feel after their dreams come true, after getting their dream job and earning their salary.

Individuals must be aware of several factors when they write in their journals and are scripting.

Firstly, it is important to remain in the present; one must visualize their dream life as if it was happening in the present moment and describe the situation in detail to make it more convincing.

Successful manifestation means only focusing on positive thoughts and affirmations. Therefore, it is critical to leave behind what an individual doesn't want and visualize what they want in their life in the present and future.


Contemplating Dreams Before Bed

Writing down and contemplating one’s thoughts before bed supports the idea that the last thoughts of the day can subconsciously modify an individual’s thoughts over time.

Positive thoughts before bed can improve a person’s dreams, allowing them to feel better when they wake up.



The manifestation practice is a powerful tool that allows individuals to gain control over their thoughts and beliefs, eliminating limiting thought patterns to attract the fruition of goals into their life.

Once individuals start manifesting and understand the manifestation process, there is no limit to what they can achieve.

A positive mindset and positive thinking are critical for effective manifestation and are the first step towards visualizing their goals and dreams.

Manifestation can be challenging at the beginning. However, it is important to keep pushing, dreaming, and putting in the effort and hard work necessary to achieve one's goals, as there is no time frame in which an individual gets all that they envision.



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