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Last Updated: September 18, 2023

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Music has many functions and proven benefits, including increasing sleep hygiene and quality. Depending on the type of music you listen to, it can improve your sleep, help you fall asleep faster by inducing relaxation, and overall, help you feel more well-rested in the morning.

What Is Sleep Music?

Sleep music is a form of music that is tailored and created to help you fall asleep. This type of music is made specifically with soothing tones, baselines and without too much variation. This assures a relaxed state for its listener and avoids distractions when falling asleep.

How Music Helps You Fall Asleep

Humans can fall asleep to soothing, relaxing music from a young age. Our parents sang us lullabies as babies and maybe even played nature sounds. This can still apply well into adulthood.

Studies had shown that people who listen to calming music before bedtime reported having better quality sleep and less difficulty falling asleep. It even has a cumulative effect; the more you incorporate music into your nighttime routine, the more benefits you will take away from it.

The scientific reasoning behind sleep music can be complicated. Simply put, music can affect the release of hormones and lead you to a more peaceful, uninterrupted sleep.

It improves sleep quality and can help drown out other bothersome environmental noises. Loud traffic, partners who snore or even a loud air conditioner can be enough to keep you awake; sleep music is the perfect thing to tune out the distractions and ease you into sleep faster.

Types Of Music For Sleep

There are endless types of music and sleep music out there. Trying to find the best for you can be overwhelming and confusing.

Finding the right sleep music for you will consist of trial and error; trying out some of the types below and seeing what you enjoy and benefit from most is a great first step!

Binaural Beats

Binaural beats are a type of music that, in simple terms, tricks your brain into whatever state you desire. It is an illusion your brain creates when listening to two tones with slightly different frequencies simultaneously.

This has the effect of the brain interpreting the two tones as a beat of its own.

Delta waves, or waves with one to four hertz, are linked to the lowest frequency state. The music with this tone can induce deep sleep.

This is perfect if you need help with the quality of your sleep and find yourself waking up frequently or sleeping too lightly throughout the night.

Theta waves, or waves with four to eight hertz, are another option. Though not as low as frequency, this type induces meditation and deep relaxation. This audio frequency is perfect for winding down before bed and getting into a relaxed state. This is perfect if you find yourself having difficulty falling asleep in the first place.

Nature Sounds

Nature music is another type of sound that can help induce relaxation, stress relief and sleep. Sounds such as falling rain, ocean waves, or forest noises have been shown to reduce stress and stimulate a part of the nervous system associated with relaxation.

The positive effects of listening to nature have been shown to help people relax at night and help with falling asleep. If you have a hard time trying to relax before bed or experience stress and anxiety, this type of sleep music might be for you.

White Noise

White noise is a mix of sounds that creates a constant sound, audible across all frequencies. This constant, soothing sound is ideal for blocking out sudden background noise or disturbing sounds.

Not only does it work to block out a good amount of background distractions, but it has also been shown to be quite comforting and relaxing. People who listen to these sounds to fall asleep have an easier time doing so, feel calmer, and reported feeling well-rested upon waking in the morning.

Relaxing Music

If none of the other options seem to pique your interest, or you’ve tried them and found no success, sometimes relaxing audio will do the trick. Finding your favorite songs that are instrumental and calming for you might work best.

Instrumental sleep music is great if you find other sounds annoying or distracting. Many people find rain falling irritating; therefore, opposite effects will occur when listening to it. The key to relaxing music is finding what audio calms and relaxes you the most.

How To Incorporate Music Into Your Nighttime Routine

It can be an adjustment for someone who has never incorporated relaxing music into their nighttime routine. Many are used to complete silence or a snoring partner when sleeping, and the absence of this can be strange.

Listening to soothing music at nighttime requires limited resources or equipment. Many options can allow you to enjoy relaxing music. You can play your choice of music directly from the browser on your phone.

There are endless amounts of lengthy videos on youtube with your favourite sleep music. Finding and saving one that works for you is a great way to incorporate music into your nighttime routine. Streaming platforms also have endless playlist options for sleep.

If you like to keep your phone away while you sleep, many other devices can provide you with soothing tracks. White noise machines and speakers can play music as you fall asleep. Researching the endless possibilities of technology can help you find the best option for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sleep Music

What Kind Of Music Is Best For Sleep?

Music such as instrumental, classical, nature noises or white noise is considered the best to fall asleep. These have a more relaxing effect, lower the pulse and blood pressure, reduce the release of stress hormones, and, overall, improve sleep.

How Can I Find Good Deep Sleep Music?

Many online resources provide endless types of music for sleep to download. Streaming platforms and online services like Spotify, Youtube, and Apple Music have unlimited options. Trying out a few different kinds might be necessary to find out what you enjoy the most.


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