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How Meditation Helps With Stress

According to the American Psychological Association1, 73 percent of Americans “regularly experience psychological symptoms caused by stress” while...

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How Meditation Helps with Emotional Health

Scientific research has found a positive correlation between meditation and a host of fantastic benefits. Everything from sleep and concentration,...

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How Meditation Works

Most of us have heard the virtues of meditation extolled time and again. But what do we actually know about how meditation works? What is...

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How Meditation Changes the Brain

Harvard neuroscientist Sara Lazar discovered the highly potent effects of meditation after she sustained an injury while training for the Boston...

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Meditation Gifts

Thinking about trying meditation? If, so, it may help to have some meditation tools at your disposal. A meditation cushion or a meditation chair,...

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Meditation Music

Are you brand-new to meditation? Or maybe you’ve been honing your practice for some time. Either way, you may wonder: Should I use meditation...

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Stress Relief Gifts

Whether you have a particularly anxious friend or a relative who’s going through something difficult, stress relief gifts can help your loved ones

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