Breathe. Balance. Restore.

Find joy and peace through breath.  

Meditation activates parts of the brain that may not normally be activated in day-to-day life. The practice of meditation is an important component for mental wellness and its benefits can be seen to improve the overall quality of life.

Our guided meditation instructors compassionately lead the breath and mind to states of regularity, calm, and focused attention. Whether you’re looking for yourself or a loved one, meditation for seniors has the benefit of restoring and relaxing the mind.  

  • In-home: yoga lessons in the comfort and privacy of your home
  • Focus: breath connection, mental clarity, and introspection 
  • Anahana Wellness Advisor to support and motivate you throughout your journey 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does meditation help with aging?

    We believe that meditation is a key practice to living a healthier, happier, and longer life. Through meditation, your concentration levels improve, your anxiety levels reduce, and your overall mental health improves. Living a happier life can definitely help to slow the aging process!

  • Can meditation help with dementia?

    There has been numerous studies on how regular meditation practice can help alter the course of Alzhiemers. Our expert meditation instructors lead mind-body meditations that can help with the signs and symptoms associated with dementia.

  • Can meditation have any negative effects?

    Sometimes, with meditation, unwanted or stressful emotions may come up. Our expert meditation instructors take a compassionate approach to supporting you through your meditation journey.

  • How do you meditate?

    There’s no one way! There are many forms of meditation, and truth be told anything can be done with a mindful, meditative mindset - from walking to watching birds in a park! Our Wellness Advisors work with you to help uncover what method works best for you.

  • What radius in Toronto do you cover for in-home yoga lessons?

    As much as we can, here are the main areas (other areas are also serviced with an additional travel fee):

    • Downtown Toronto
    • Leslieville
    • Liberty Village
    • The Annex
    • Yorkville
    • Rosedale
    • Forest Hill
    • Deer/Moore Park
    • Davisville
    • Leaside
    • Yonge & Eglinton
    • Lawrence Park
    • The Bridal Path