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Last Updated: May 26, 2022

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Private yoga classes have many benefits. One-on-one instruction can provide a more tailored experience, helping to focus on your unique needs and goals. Private yoga sessions can allow you to ask questions and get feedback in real-time, which isn't always possible in a group setting or if you practice yoga online.

The benefits of private yoga also extend beyond the physical. Private sessions can help you develop a deeper connection with your practice and a greater sense of self-awareness and understanding, as well as connect with the yoga teacher on a deeper level and receive personal guidance not always available during an in-person class. Private yoga can be an incredibly effective way to find calm and balance in your life, especially if anxiety and stress prevail in your day-to-day.


Group Yoga Class vs. Private Teacher

two girls doing private yoga lessonsThere are a few key differences between private yoga and group classes. Private yoga is explicitly tailored to your needs and abilities, for starters, whereas group classes are typically more general. Private yoga can also be more expensive than group classes, but it often offers a more personal experience.

Another key difference between private yoga and group classes in a yoga studio is the level of attention you'll receive from your guide. Your teacher has to split their time and attention between all students in a group class. But in a private yoga class, your teacher can give you their undivided attention, which can help you learn poses more effectively and stay safe while practicing.

If you're interested in trying private yoga, find an experienced and certified teacher who can help you tailor your practice to your needs and abilities. Private yoga can be an extremely beneficial addition to your regular yoga practice, but it's essential to find the right teacher.


Why Take Private Lessons?

Private yoga sessions are convenient, comfortable, and flexible. Your private lessons will give you comprehensive instruction while at the same time providing you with personalized teachings that you just can’t get in a group class at a studio.

Private instruction is optimal for beginners to yoga and those who may not be comfortable practicing poses in front of others. It allows you to learn and improve your technique in a more convenient and easy-going environment. As a beginner, you’ll also be getting the initial instruction of an experienced instructor. Your private trainer will help you grasp the basic tenets of yoga and work toward any goals you may have.


The Benefits of Private Yoga Classes

There are numerous benefits to taking private yoga sessions:


One-on-one attention

No class can offer the individualized attention that one-on-one yoga lessons at home can. Your private yoga teacher will be able to facilitate individualized teachings, stopping when you need to stop, explaining when you have a question, and changing course when necessary. Working with a personal yoga trainer is all about.

Whereas with general classes at a yoga studio, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd, yoga classes at home are tailored to you specifically. They give you the ability to direct your practice or have a professional personal yoga trainer create a program that meets your needs. It’s the ultimate in personalized wellness care.


Create a Home Yoga Studio

Some people may not feel comfortable doing a group class. Working with the yoga teachers you want may be challenging, or you may feel safer at home because of COVID-19.

It's also about convenience and comfort for your busy schedule. You'll discover how beneficial it is to have a private yoga teacher at home. It eliminates the hassle of dealing with traffic or inclement weather. There will be no parking spots available. There is no need to go to an overbooked studio or endure a group yoga class where you can't see or hear the instructor.

The best part is that you can customize your class to focus on your unique needs. If you're struggling with a specific pose, your instructor will be able to help you modify it or offer an alternative. They can also provide modifications for any injuries or chronic pain conditions you may have.


Flexible to your schedule

We know that private sessions allow you to practice without the hassles of attending a class. And one of those hassles is accommodating your schedule to fit a yoga class schedule. While yoga classes in a group serve their purpose, attending one also means adjusting your day to meet class times. On the other hand, personal yoga instruction is all about the best time for you.

Being on your yoga mat at home allows you to keep your other responsibilities and priorities in line much better. It also makes it more likely that you won’t skip your practice because of a prior conflict. If your set personal instruction time conflicts with something else in your schedule, simply speak to your instructor and adjust. It’s as easy as that!


Opportunity to work on specific issues

Because private yoga class caters to the individual, the practice allows you to design each class based on your unique goals. This means focusing on what hands-on adjustments you need for proper alignment from an experienced teacher in different yoga poses.  

For many of those with unique health conditions or injuries, private yoga can offer personalized assistance that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Often, yoga classes at studios cannot accommodate those with disabilities or injuries, and the postures and movements that your group instructor teaches may end up causing you more or different pain. Gentle yoga is exceptional in regards to this.

Instead, suppose you’re struggling with a health condition. In that case, ideally, you’ll want to be able to use yoga as a form of comforting rehabilitation, yoga for athletes is beneficial for injury prevention. You also have yoga for runners, a perfect tool if you run a lot. You’ll naturally want your yoga instruction to improve your flexibility, movement, and comfort when you have an injury or particular condition. Nowhere is this easier to do than with a one-on-one yoga class.


Adding Meditation to Your Yoga Practice

Many who practice regularly may want in-person training to work on a specific movement or create a deeper mind-body connection.

As a result, they will be able to widen your knowledge, expand the number of poses and postures you work on, and ideally, increase your passion for your yoga practice.


Health Benefits from Personal Yoga Training

woman using an anti stress ball to reduce stressOne-on-one yoga classes can be taught for individual needs, tailored or adjusted to unique health conditions or injuries. Besides this, practicing yoga can also carry several health benefits in your life, such as:

  • Stress Management - Help you reduce the stress you experience, especially in times like these. Stress management is essential as many of us currently have to balance working from home, family life, financial struggles, and other stressful elements.

  • Mindfulness - Become more aware of your surroundings and experience mindfulness to achieve a sense of calm and focus

  • Reduce Anxiety - Yoga breathing for anxiety can help you deactivate the Sympathetic Nervous System or Fight or Flight Response and bring you back into your Parasympathetic Nervous system or rest and digest mode.

  • Insomnia – If you have problems sleeping at night, falling asleep, or suffering from restlessness during the night, personal meditation practice may help you.


Private Yoga: Frequently Asked Questions

How much do private yoga classes cost?

On average, private yoga class costs vary greatly on your location and the instructor's experience. The price of a private session will depend on several unique factors. For example, the cost may depend on how often you care to meet with your instructor each week. It will also depend on whether you require yoga equipment in your practice space and how long your yoga sessions are.


What types of yoga are available with private yoga?

In-person instruction for private classes  is available in many styles:

  • Vinyassa

  • Yin Yoga

  • Hatha

  • Restorative Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Children’s Yoga

Choose the style of yoga that best suits your preferred yoga experience. If you have questions regarding a specific style or would like to test different types and see what you want, please discuss your preferences with your instructor.


What happens at your first private yoga class?

Your first private session is a chance for you to get to know your teacher and discuss your goals on the yoga mat. You’ll likely begin by discussing your body and what kind of yoga poses will provide the most benefit for each session.


Where can I find a personal yoga teacher near me?

We often get asked: “Where can I find a private teacher near me?” If you are looking for a private yoga teacher in your area, we are certainly here to help. Please contact us to find experienced teachers for a full range of options.


What to look for when selecting a private teacher?

First of all, ask yourself a question about your practice goals – what are you looking to achieve? If you’ve ever taken a class before, think about teachers that you liked in the past, it’s very likely that they’re teaching private yoga classes outside the studios. Finally, what type of yoga do you want to practice?

When selecting your private teacher, consider an intro session, or a phone call to get to know each other and discuss their experience, qualifications and overall approach to teaching. Define if you’re looking for something more physically oriented or spiritual approach matters to you.

You might want to consider taking a group class with them before committing to a private class.





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