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Yoga For Men

Want to reduce the amount of pain you are experiencing? Then you should try yoga, it has truly helped me, and I feel better now than I did twenty years ago!

men in a yoga class

Yoga makes my life better, and it can for you too.

― Anahana Wellness Founder Clint


I started yoga in my early twenties, kind of by accident, but I am really happy that I did. Now in my forties, I actually have less shoulder and back pain than I did in my early twenties, plus lots of other benefits. In fact, I am in way better shape than I was in my twenties, and a regular yoga routine is a huge part of that success. 


Yoga Reliefs Pain 

Growing up I played a lot of sports and was always moving. Then at 22 I started working on Wall St. as a bond trader. Less moving and more sitting started giving me “old man” injuries such as shoulder problems and back and hip pain - all before I even hit 25. 

How is it that after thousands and thousands of hours of competitive ice hockey, field lacrosse, tennis, golf, baseball, and snowboarding enjoyed with very few injuries, I was actually getting injured sitting on the trading floor?


Take a Break, Start Doing Yoga

Research now shows that sitting can be just as bad or worse than smoking. Whether you are sitting on the couch, at the desk, or behind the wheel (or all three), I can tell you firsthand this is really bad for your body and only gets worse over time.

Good news: you are here reading this so you likely already have an idea that yoga will help. Either with a problem in your life you are trying to solve, or a goal that you would like to reach.


Would you like to:


Yoga For Men Benefits

If an overview of the benefits of yoga for men would help you out, check out our breakdown here.

If you would like to take a deep dive into the history of yoga, the science, and all of the different styles, grab a glass of water, maybe an apple, and check out the comprehensive Anahana Yoga Guide

Ready to get off the couch and start making some positive changes?

If you think yoga is something you would like to learn and learn properly, in the comfort of your own home, check out our Academy course: Yoga for Men 101.

This certification course gives you all of the basics to get started. Not only will we teach you the fundamentals, but we will also explain to you in simple language why certain poses are important, what they can help you with, and when to do different kinds of exercises depending on your goals for today and the future.

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