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Stress Rash

How To Relieve It

Right now, we are in stressful times. Not only due to what is going on in the world but also because Christmas is just around the corner and that alone is a very stressful time for some. This increased stress can manifest itself in your body as a stress rash.

The Cause

man sitting on stairs head burred in hands feeling stressedFirst and foremost, we need to understand that the rash is caused by stress, the core issue here is stress and not the actual rash symptom. By reducing the amount of stress, you experience, by calming down and relaxing, the less likely you are to experience this aggravating rash. With the increased stress you are under, there are several symptoms you could experience due to this stress, one of which being stress rash. Other symptoms include insomnia, irritability, anxiety, depression, and in more severe cases cardiovascular issues which could result in stroke and heart attack.

What is stress?

But the next question we need to ask ourselves is, what exactly is stress? Simply put it is a bodily response to difficult situations, concerning feelings, the pressure that comes from responsibilities, and acute threats. The body’s reaction to any of the items listed above, how this presents itself to you could show up either be physically, mentally, or emotionally.

Every individual reacts to stress in their own way which is also why there are no simple cures or pills to take to reduce stress. We all need to process and deal with it in our own way.

You need to keep in mind that not all stress should be considered bad stress. There is also something we call good or positive stress that helps us stay alert, keeps us going, and helps us to react quickly when in imminent danger.

When stress starts to become negative is when we face challenge after challenge without the possibility to process it in between. From here we can start to see these symptoms start manifesting.

How to alleviate stress?

It is essential for each and every one of us to have some sort of stress management man feeling stressed, wanting to alleviate stresstechnique to be able to cope with our everyday challenges. The tricky part is to find a technique that works for you while at the same time does not do you harm, such as using drugs and alcohol.

Instead, look for opportunities that not only work to relieve stress but that are also beneficial to both your body and mind. And here is where the individual techniques come into play. We are all built differently and our body and mind work in different ways. That is why some techniques might work for your partner and not yourself and vice versa.

Stress Management Techniques

From aps to online tools, you can find that technology that helps you reduce stress. We can start to rethink stress and not allow it to take control over you and your life.

There are several options available that you could try where one or several of them could work for you. These options include mindfulness, yoga, meditation, and breathing.


Mindfulness is about focusing on the present at 100%. Your goal is to be here and now and not let your thoughts wander. You start to become fully aware of your body and mind, thoughts emotions, and feelings. The best part is that mindfulness can be practiced whenever and wherever you want. Being mindful can lead to less stress.


man sitting in meditation pose using meditation as a stress management toolMeditation is a more formal type of practice, even if it is something that can be done in combination with other activities. The object of meditation is to slow things down, slow your mind down, and quite what is referred to as “monkey mind”, meaning the sensation of your mind “jumping” from one thing to another at a rapid pace, just as a monkey swings between trees.

Meditation is focused on relaxing the body in combination with breath control while allowing thoughts and sensations to slowly slip away. Continuous meditation practice can result in lowered stress, a calmer mind, and improved concentration. With meditation lowering the stress, the risk of you seeing stress rash appear reduces significantly.


Breathing techniques are something that can be done as a technique on its own or in woman using breathing as a stress management tool to reduce stresscombination with both meditation and other tasks such as yoga. This is a really good tool as the effects from it are pretty remarkable and you see results fairly quickly. There are several breathing techniques you could use to reduce the stress levels in your body such as square breathingmindful breathing4-7-8 breathingdiaphragmatic breathing, or pranayama breathing, a technique often used in combination with yoga.


girl sitting in yoga pose using yoga as stress management tool to reduce stressYoga is a combination of several techniques, incorporating elements from meditation, mindfulness, breathing, all of which are done alongside poses and physical movements. Besides lowering your stress levels and minimizing the risk of you suffering from stress rash, you also stand to gain other benefits as improved overall health, fitness, and flexibility. Another benefit is that you will be more in tune with both your body and mind and the connection between the two. 

Remember, there are several different types of yoga that will help you lower your stress levels. These include kundalini yogagentle yoga, hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, mindful yoga, and yoga nidra, just to mention a few. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Stress Rash

How can you tell if it is a stress rash?

They can often be confused with an allergic reaction or. They often appear as red bumps, commonly referred to as hives. The rash can appear on any part of your body and can cause an itchy discomfort

How to get rid of stress rash?

You can use an over-the-counter medication to treat the symptoms but that is only treating the symptom and not the cause. If you do not treat the cause, it is very likely that you will see this rash appear again. Thus recommending you treat the cause before the symptom and only treat the symptom if it becomes unbearable.

Is stress rash a common thing?

Yes, it is, and also nothing to be concerned about on its own. Yes, it can be annoying especially if it is itchy. But using a proper stress management technique will allow you to treat the cause and as such reduce the chance of the rash re-appearing again. 

What are the best stress management techniques to use to reduce stress and the chance of getting a stress rash?

There are several different techniques you can use to reduce the everyday stress in your life. Some can be done in combination with your everyday tasks while others will require you taking some time out of your daily routine. These techniques include meditation, yoga, deep breathing, and mindfulness. 

Stress rash is a very common thing and many of us experience it once or twice in our life. The important part is not to focus on the symptoms but the cause.

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Clint Johnson

Written by Clint Johnson

Clint teaches Yoga, Pilates, breath, and mediation to students and teachers all over the world. Prior to joining the wellness world, CJ as his friends call him, started his career as a MBS derivative trader and portfolio manager on Wall St. Clint is the founder of Anahana, and holds an MBA from INSEAD.

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