Sydney Garden

Sydney Garden


Expertise: Angel Numbers, Zodiac, Crystals and Stones

Education: BA (Honors) in Communications from Toronto Metropolitan University

"Life doesn't get easier, you just get stronger." - Steve Bartlett"



Sydney is a skilled writer and editor at Anahana with a diverse educational and professional background. She has professional marketing and communications experience, creating articles, research reports, and more for an award-winning design agency. 

Sydney's deep-rooted interest in wellness and yoga can be traced back to her early years in elite competitive dancing. This formative experience laid the foundation for her enduring commitment to physical well-being, ultimately guiding her toward practicing yoga. Over time, yoga has become more than a practice for Sydney; it's a vital part of her lifestyle, reflecting her dedication to maintaining physical and mental balance.

Sydney's affinity for holistic wellness extends to her appreciation of healing stones. She is particularly drawn to Tiger’s Eye, a stone she values for its confidence-boosting properties, and Lapis Lazuli, which she cherishes for its calming effects and anxiety relief. These stones complement her wellness practices and serve as a source of personal empowerment and mental tranquility.

Certifications, Training, and Professional Background 

Sydney's professional marketing and communications journey is diverse and rich in experience. Following her high school education, she began her career at North Shore Academy of Dancing, serving dual roles as a dance teacher and administrative assistant. During her undergraduate years, she further expanded her skillset through various positions, including tutor, mentor, server, and hostess.

Her career path took a significant turn when she interned at Shikatani Lacroix Design, an award-winning design agency. Here, Sydney created, researched, and developed white papers, articles, and social media content.

In 2023, she gained valuable experience in the human resources field through an internship with the equity, diversity, and inclusion HR consulting firm Allennials at Work, focusing on people operations and HR.

About Anahana 

Anahana is a go-to source for trusted and practical health solutions. A global leader in mental health and wellbeing education, Anahana’s platform provides expertly researched articles that help people take charge of their wellbeing. With guided courses and practical tools, our mission is for everyone to lead the healthiest and happiest life they possibly can.