Meriah McCauley

Meriah McCauley


Expertise: Yoga, Wellbeing, Mental Health, Meditation, Breathing

Education: Master of Arts in Psychology in Education from Columbia University, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Stony Brook University

”Paradise is not a place; it’s a state of consciousness.” ~ Sri Chinmoy



Meriah McCauley is passionate about the art and science of holistic health and healing. She explored the power of yoga through working with her mentor and guru Dr. Don Stapleton in Costa Rica. She also received a Masters in Psychology from Columbia University, specializing in Spirituality and the MindBody connection. 

Meriah now offers coaching, yoga teacher trainings, and Holotropic Breathwork for personal development. She loves to connect with those on this path.

Meriah's personal interests are deeply rooted in practices that foster mental health and physical fitness. She places great importance on yoga, breathwork, meditation, and journaling, recognizing them as essential components of her mental well-being. 

For physical fitness, she is drawn to gymnastics-style training, including practicing AcroYoga with her partner, Dan. Additionally, she incorporates cold plunge therapy into her routine several times weekly for its health benefits. 

Meriah dedicates much of her free time to nurturing and playing with her 6-month-old child, constantly exploring new ways to support his development. Her family time also includes moments of joy with their dog, Homer.

Certifications, Training, and Professional Background 

Meriah has a diverse and impressive professional background in wellness and psychology. At the Hippocrates Health Institute, she excelled as a Wellness Coordinator, managing scheduling, providing private mindbody and wellness services, and leading group classes. Her expertise in Yoga Therapy was highlighted through a keynote speech she delivered.

Her role at the Self-Awakening Yoga Institute as an Assistant Program Director involved assisting in delivering both 200-hour and Advanced 100-hour Yoga Teacher Training programs. Over four years, she helped facilitate the training of approximately 50 students per program.

At Columbia University's InterBeing Lab, Meriah worked as a Lab Assistant. Here, she created a short documentary film on the Spirituality Mind Body Institute and was instrumental in developing the InterBeing Identity Scale alongside Dr. Tomas Frymann.

In addition, Meriah has shared her expertise in yoga at Life Time, teaching classes and workshops to up to 38 students per class. Her skillset also extends to personal training, which she practiced at Equinox, providing tailored fitness and yoga sessions to a diverse range of clients.

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