Emma Lee

Emma Lee


Expertise: Mental Health, Physical Health

Education: Bachelor of Science, University of Toronto

"The key to a healthy life is a healthy mind"



Emma is an editor for Anahana and a soon-to-be graduate of the Master of Science program at the University of Toronto. She is passionate about learning the science behind health and wellbeing and hopes to contribute her knowledge to help people live healthier lives.

Outside the professional realm, Emma finds joy and balance in her hobbies. She loves immersing herself in nature, embracing the tranquility and beauty of the outdoors. Her playful spirit shines through in her time spent with her beloved dog, a constant companion in her adventures.

Additionally, Emma expresses her creativity through arts and crafts, showcasing her artistic side and love for hands-on activities. In her quest for knowledge and personal growth, Emma is an avid listener of audiobooks, particularly those revolving around wellness and neuroscience.

Certifications, Training, and Professional Background 

Emma kick-started her professional journey as a graphic design intern at Paper Education, one of Canada's leading education-based companies. In this dynamic role, she played a key part in the company's rebranding efforts, infusing creativity and fresh ideas into the process.

Her contributions included designing a range of graphic assets, from informative infographics to eye-catching blog banners, showcasing her artistic flair and ability to communicate complex ideas visually.

About Anahana 

Anahana is a go-to source for trusted and practical health solutions. A global leader in mental health and wellbeing education, Anahana’s platform provides expertly researched articles that help people take charge of their wellbeing. With guided courses and practical tools, our mission is for everyone to lead the healthiest and happiest life they possibly can.