Darlene Buan-Basit

Darlene Buan-Basit

Medical Expert

Expertise: Yoga, Wellbeing, Physical Health, Pilates, Breathing

Education: Chiropractor and Pre/Post Natal Pilates Instructor



Dr. Darlene Buan-Basit is a highly experienced licensed Chiropractor and Pilates instructor with expertise in many techniques, including Medical Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Advanced Massage Techniques. 

She is also trained in movement therapies, including Pilates, Yoga, and Garuda. She works with a diverse clientele, including high-level athletes, seniors, and infants, addressing musculoskeletal injuries, chronic pain, and feeding challenges in infants.

Darlene's passion extends beyond her professional expertise, deeply rooted in her personal interests of Pilates, yoga, and overall wellness. She finds joy and balance in practicing Pilates, appreciating its focus on core strength, flexibility, and mindful movement. 

Yoga is another cornerstone of her wellness routine, where the blend of physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation offers her a holistic approach to mental and physical health.

Certifications, Training, and Professional Background 

Darlene's professional journey is marked by her dual expertise as a Chiropractor and Pilates Instructor, serving a diverse clientele, including athletes, executives, pregnant and postnatal women, and children. 

At Balance Personal Training, Rehabilitation and Fitness, and The Urban Athlete, she employs various treatments like laser therapy, acupuncture, ART, and therapeutic Pilates. Since February 2009, she's been a key part of Neurocore Physiotherapy and Pilates, focusing on neurological conditions alongside a multidisciplinary team. 

Additionally, since January 2014, she's specialized in pre- and postnatal Pilates at Zen Beginnings, enhancing family wellness in Toronto. Darlene's practice integrates advanced techniques to support pre-habilitation, rehabilitation, and sport-specific training, demonstrating a commitment to holistic health and recovery.

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