Alexx Wells

Alexx Wells


Expertise: Angel Numbers, Zodiac, Crystals and Stones

Education: Postgraduate Diploma in Carbon Management at the University of Edinburgh, Bachelor of Science in Earth Sciences from Memorial University of Newfoundland

"The faster we find our way back to nature, the faster we will find ourselves"



Alexandra is a dynamic professional with a versatile skill set and a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. As a Fiverr Pro Freelancer, she excels as a Social Media Strategist, Pinterest Manager, and YouTube Growth Expert. Her expertise in these areas has helped numerous clients enhance their digital presence and reach their target audiences effectively.

Alexandra finds joy and balance through outdoor activities and creative pursuits. An avid hiker, she loves exploring diverse landscapes, from serene forest trails to challenging mountain terrains. These hikes are not just a form of exercise for her; they are a way to connect with nature and find peace.

Beyond the natural world, Alexandra embraces her creative side. She believes in the power of creativity as a tool for personal growth and expression, engaging in activities that foster her imaginative skills such as crafting, writing or experimenting with new forms of artistic expression.

Certifications, Training, and Professional Background 

In addition to her freelance work, Alexandra has made significant contributions as a Climate Scientist with The OATHE Project, where she applies her deep understanding of earth sciences and carbon management to address climate change issues.

Further showcasing her leadership and project management skills, Alexandra has also played a pivotal role as a Project Manager at Natural Forces Solar. In this position, she successfully oversees solar energy projects, emphasizing renewable resources and sustainable practices. 

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