Laura Schulze

Laura Schulze


Expertise: Wellbeing, Mental Health

Education: PhD in Neuroscience, University of Toronto

"Choosing love, we affirm our agency, our commitment to personal growth, our emotional openness." — bell hooks



Laura is a writer and editor at Anahana, interested in neuroscience, mental health, and evidence-based care. She holds a PhD in Neuroscience and has over a decade of experience in mental health research in industry and academia. Laura was drawn to the field of neuroscience because she was fascinated by the complexity and mystery of the human brain. Her graduate studies were life-changing, as she was exposed to so many opportunities for learning and growth.

Together, she and the lab creatively and systematically researched non-invasive forms of brain stimulation that were able to provide effective care and support to individuals experiencing treatment-resistant depression. She remains passionate and hopeful about our ability to combine great mental health care with equally great technology, in a way that is scalable, impactful, and evidence-based.

In her free time, you can find Laura reading (and listening to podcasts) about personal growth, emotion-based and neuroscience-based therapies, while also making time for a little yoga nidra every now and then. She highly admires Tara Brach and Bell Hooks whose works have inspired her to approach herself and others more openly, compassionately, and with curiosity.

Certifications, Training, and Professional Background

It was the scalability and accessibility of digital mental health interventions that drew Laura to Koa Health, a startup based in Barcelona, Spain, made up of a wonderful and brilliant international team of clinicians, scientists, engineers, designers, writers, and much more. Together, Koa Health has created digital products that are not only beautifully designed, but thoughtfully and rigorously researched.

Following her time at Koa Health, Laura was fortunate to work alongside an equally talented team at NotedSource. NotedSource's mission is commendable: to streamline the collaboration process between academia and industry, making research accessible to diverse audiences.

Laura's most rewarding professional experience was working as an undergraduate psych student at Peace Ranch, a beautiful and community-based residence for adults living with schizophrenia. Peace Ranch incorporated a holistic approach to mental well-being, one that promoted inclusivity and nature-based practices like tending a community garden, filled with colorful and delicious veggies, and sharing the harvest with others.

About Anahana 

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