Live. Work. Namaste.

Corporate Yoga 


Transform your workplace into a mindful, productive, and thriving environment with Anahana corporate yoga. Lunchtime power yoga just got easier with some of the best yoga instructors teaching directly in your office space! 

We meet you where your practice is at, whether you’re a beginner or are a seasoned yogi (or somewhere in between!), our instructors provide one-on-one care and attention to help your employees find movement and mindfulness during their day. Our yoga sessions are tailored to be more athletic in nature, more meditative, or a mix of both!

Sounds good right? Here’s our corporate yoga breakdown:

  • Chat with an Anahana Wellness Advisor to walk through your company’s wellness goals 
  • We’ll listen, ask questions, and then match you with the right instructors to best help your organization achieve what it’s looking for 
  • Meet your accredited yoga instructor and schedule your first office session
  • Keeping it flexible. Our yoga lessons adapt and grow with your corporate wellness objectives, one of the many advantages of signing on to Anahana’s corporate yoga! 
  • Service Focus: weekly yoga sessions, themed yoga sessions, lunch and learns

Frequently Asked Questions