Turnkey. Targeted. Tailored to You.

Anahana Wellness Passport

Exclusive access to premium health and wellness advisory, support, and services - all without borders. Build a tailored program of in-home, virtual, or on-demand services with instructors from all over the world. Invest in your health and elevate your wellbeing with your Wellness Passport in hand.  

The Wellness Passport offers 5 key elements:

  • Baseline Wellness Consultation 
  • Structural Movement Assessment
  • Nutrition Review and Strategy 
  • Personalized to Your Lifestyle: In-home, Virtual, On-demand Yoga/Pilates/Meditation Sessions
  • Dedicated Wellness Advisory: Motivate, review, and optimize your progress

Passport Options:

  • 3 Month Pass Starting At: $3450
  • 6 Month Pass Starting At: $5975

Frequently Asked Questions