What is Pilates? It is a way to exercise, typically performed on a floor mat or with the help of one of the many different available pilates equipment available, such as the Pilates Reformer, Pilates Ball or Pilates Roller, just to mention a few. The main objective with pilates is to improve flexibility and stability by strengthening the muscles throughout the body, focusing on the torso and back muscles, helping to stabilize both the abdomen and lower back. Pilates can be done either at home on the mat or at a studio. The benefits of doing it at home allows you to fit your exercise regime around your tight schedule instead of the other way around.

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Pilates reformer workout: Core Exercises for Strength

There are all different types of reformers. The common characteristic is a platform that moves up and down along the...
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Pilates for Beginners: Get a Full Body Workout

Pilates is an exercise that focuses on low-impact, core-centric movements. These are accompanied by special...
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Pilates vs Yoga: What is Pilates? What is Yoga?

Pilates and yoga are often mentioned in the same breath — and for good reason. But what is the difference between...