Meditation, or the definition of Meditation, is a practice where you as an individual use one of the many techniques that are available, to activate mental clarity and remain emotionally calm. This is achieved by using one of these many techniques; such as mindfulness, focusing on an object, a thought or an activity and training your body and mind to reach this stable and calm state. Meditation stems from ancient practices that were performed in India anywhere between 5,000 to 3,5000 BCE. The oldest documented evidence of the practice is some wall art located in India and dated back to this period.

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Meditation Music

Are you brand-new to meditation? Or maybe you’ve been honing your practice for some time. Either way, you may wonder:...
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How Meditation Helps With Stress

According to the American Psychological Association, 73 percent of Americans “regularly experience psychological...
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How Meditation Helps with Emotional Health

Scientific research has found a positive correlation between meditation and a host of fantastic benefits. Everything...
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How Meditation Changes the Brain

Harvard neuroscientist Sara Lazar discovered the highly potent effects of meditation after she sustained an injury...
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How meditation works

Most of us have heard the virtues of meditation extolled time and again. But what do we actually know about how...
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Meditation for Kids

According to a recent statistic released by the American Academy of Pediatrics, "as many as 30 percent of children and...
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Meditation gifts

Thinking about trying meditation? If, so, it may help to have some meditation tools at your disposal. A meditation...
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Stress Management

Stress Management Activities

Talk of stress seems to be everywhere these days. But why? After all, in many situations, stress is actually good. It...
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How to clear your mind

“The things you think about determine the quality of your mind.” ― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations Stoics like Marcus...
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Sleep Hygiene

Guided Meditation for Sleep

Do you fear the nighttime because you can’t seem to get to sleep or stay asleep? Deep sleep meditation could be the...
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Stress Management

Stress Relief Gifts

Whether you have a particularly anxious friend or a relative who’s going through something difficult, stress relief...
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Stress Management

Stress and Pressure

There are essentially two ways to handle stress, and nearly everyone leans toward one way or the other. It's all about...