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Kundalini Yoga

How to Get the Kundalini Spirit Bliss

This form of yoga, known as “the yoga of awareness.” The practice is an ancient one, originating within Hinduism. It is now prevalent across the continents and all over the world.


“Kundalini yoga works on glandular and organ systems with no “perfect posture” to attain. The focus is breath and movement and thus accessible by all, energizing and elevating the neutral mind for clarity, vitality, and health.”
― Anahana Private Yoga Teacher, Nicole Regan

Kundalini Yoga and Its Origins

graphics man sitting in yoga pose under clouds practicing kundalini yogaThis form of yoga, known as “the yoga of awareness.” The practice is an ancient one, originating within Hinduism. It is now prevalent across the continents and all over the world. Kundalini facilitates the awakening of your soul and the igniting of the Kundalini spirit.

The spirit is something that every person possesses, says the doctrine of Kundalini. It is a coiled up, potential energy that lives at the base of the spine in everyone. In most people, the spirit is usually dormant. But with practice it can awaken in order to provide you with a wealth of benefits and rewards.

The history of Kundalini yoga dates back to Hindus circa 1000 BCE – 500 BCE. The first mention of the Kundalini spirit can be traced to the Upanishads. An ancient text of this age written in Sanskrit, one of the oldest written languages known to man.

Before this practice was established it was the philosophy of how to awaken bodily and spiritual energy. Over time, yoga teachers began to teach novices the ways of this practice. It has been passed down from teacher to student for millennia in a lineage called "the golden chain."

Today, there are still yogis who participate in Kundalini yoga teacher training. Offering expert courses in this beautiful practice.

Can Anyone Do This Yoga?

Yes! This type of yoga is for everyone. It is an ideal yoga for seniors, athletes, new moms, and others. It is also an equally good practice for beginners of yoga. Of course, advanced yogis will certainly benefit too.

Classes in this discipline are common in yoga studios. The Kundalini form of yoga is recommended for personalized teaching because of its delicate nature. From the comfort of your own home, you can learn and practice Kundalini yoga. The art of waking the Kundalini spirit with our Anahana Kundalini classes.

Looking for Kundalini yoga near me?

We’re often asked, “Where can I find Kundalini yoga near me?” and “Where is beginners yoga near me?” These questions are logical as you do not always know where to go.

At Anahana, our very own Kundalini teacher can provide training and guidance for anyone and everyone. We offer virtual classes as well as personalized training, catered to the individual.

Learn Yoga and Reap the Rewards

So many people are interested in reducing the stress and anxiety in their lives. Because yoga is widely known as a miraculous way to reduce stress and combat anxiety. Many people end up looking to this practice as a way out of the anxious and nervous spirals they live in.

But what kind of yoga is good for you? So many yogic methods are available that it can be difficult to choose just one!

Enter the yoga of Kundalini — which includes meditation.

Within the practice of this yoga, thousands of poses, and sequences (called kriyas) are available. Each one addresses a different area of your life that you may want to work on.

You may have heard of Kundalini before. Especially if you have done any research on the most effective forms of yoga and meditation. The practice is often laden with questions such as, “Is Kundalini yoga dangerous?” or “Is Kundalini dangerous?” Kundalini itself is a specific form of energy that many sees as potentially volatile.

These questions often lead to people assuming that yoga should be kept at a distance. In fact, the claims of danger are largely false. Any enlightenment produced by the practice of Kundalini yoga is overwhelmingly positive. Rarely does anyone experience a panic attack or a negative outcome because of this practice.

Let us say you wake up early on a Saturday morning. Charged and ready to tacklegraphic woman standing in yoga pose on one leg practicing kundalini yoga the day with a killer morning routine. You have coffee, read, journal, meditate, workout, shower, get ready, and have breakfast. Only to realize that once you are finished, it is now 4pm, and your “morning routine” has eaten up half your day.

Hey — it happens to the best of us. Even with outstanding intentions, you ran into that old foe we all must contend with, time.

So, where does this type of yoga fit in?

Essentially, it is a form of Yoga that blends several key yogic practices together. Effectively giving you a physical, mental, and emotional boost — all at once.

It is the perfect yogic practice for women who are always on-the-go and want a way to calm down and center themselves, achieving mindfulness. Even when they feel like they are in the eye of a storm with their stresses and responsibilities.

Different Kundalini Kriyas

A kriya is another word for action. In the world of Kundalini, a kriya will be a sequence of Kundalini yoga poses. Linked together they are aimed to achieve a specific purpose. Around 5,000 kriyas are known to exist — possibly more.

Here are some different Kriyas that may help you with different areas of your life:

  • Kriya for Elevation
    The perfect kriya for balancing the Kundalini chakra. Ideal for a “tune-up” when you don’t have a lot of time to center yourself.
  • Sat Kriya
    This quick three-minute kriya offers a gentle exercise for daily use. It’s ideal for focusing your calmness and regulating blood pressure and heart rate in preparation for the day.
  • Outward Bound Kriya
    This vigorous kriya gives you a quick and succinct workout. It engages the Kundalini spirit and cultivates deep relaxation in the process.
  • Truth and Oneness Kriya
    This kriya helps you meditate on self-love. It invokes a series of chants and a short dance, both of which engage the spirit.
  • Nabhi Kriya
    This is a navel kriya and focuses on the core. Making it great for empowering and strengthening the Third Chakra — and your abdominal muscles.


Frequently Asked Questions about Kundalini Yoga

What is the Kundalini yoga?

This form of yoga is based on the energy of the Kundalini spirit. In ancient Hindu traditions, the spirit lives deep within each person, at the base of the spine.

There, the Kundalini spirit sits dormant until it is activated with a special practice. The energy released with this type of yoga can lead to a deep awakening of your spirit and a renewal of your psyche.

Is Kundalini difficult to learn?

No, if you are a beginner or novice to yoga it is not difficult to learn. Many people assume this, however, because there are roughly 5,000 Kriyas in this type of yoga. Just remember that there is no need to learn and memorize them all. Taking instruction from a skilled Kundalini yoga teacher is all that is necessary. Getting that will give you a solid foundation to work from.

What are the benefits from Kundalini yoga?

The benefits of this type of yoga are manifold. Some of the things it can help withgraphic woman standing on one leg-holding other leg with hand practicing kundalini is stress, anxiety, and blood pressure (hypertension). Along with focus, creativity and imagination, sleep, digestion, and much more. Overall, the practice aims to awaken an energy within you that has lain dormant for years — possibly decades.

Is Kundalini dangerous?

In some rare cases, the awakening of the Kundalini spirit brings about a powerful change. Some referred to as “Kundalini dangers.” You may feel that you have undergone a transformational experience. Also, that you are newly enlightened because of the practice.

Despite the perception that Kundalini is dangerous, there is no supporting evidence. Taught correctly, this type of yoga is safe, effective, and naturally loving.

Is Kundalini yoga good for beginners?

Yes! While Kundalini yoga can certainly be a challenge for even advanced practitioners. It also remains one of the best yogic practices for beginners.

Feel like giving this a try, why not speak with one of our Wellness Advisors on how to proceed. Remember, the consultation call is completely free. 


Man sitting in yoga pose practicing kundalini yoga

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