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Clint Johnson

From Wall St. trading desks to the jungle trails of Southeast Asia, Clint has covered a lot of ground in this life. Having lived, worked, and studied in four continents, and generally roamed the path less traveled, Anahana’s founder brings an inimitable perspective to managing one's health in an increasingly frenetic world.

While in New York, Clint certainly followed the work hard - play hard mantra which eventually lead him to establishing Yoga and Pilates practices in search of more balance in his life.

After leaving New York and earning his MBA from INSEAD (France/Singapore) Clint spent several years of intense study in Thailand, Indonesia, Costa Rica, and Canada. He holds advanced certifications in various styles of Yoga and Pilates. He is also currently working towards his designation as a Holistic Nutritionist.

Shyla Weatherbee

This proud new mother is a former Start-Up consultant turned wellness professional, turned Wellness Start-Up Project Manager. With a diverse skill set and experience portfolio, Shyla understands the needs of both a growing business and the importance of balancing a demanding career with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Adriana Rotella

Adriana's natural passion for movement and healthy living have awarded her with a wealth of knowledge in her two decades in the fitness and wellness industry. As a Lead Instructor Trainer for the globally renowned Stott Pilates, Adriana has traveled the world educating future generations of Pilates Instructors.

In addition to working with individuals ranging from professional athletes to rehab patients, Adriana is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner. Her in depth experience of not only how the body moves but also how to best fuel it, allows her to provide integrated guidance to corporations and individuals looking for a holistic approach to improving their health.

Patricia Pykra

A Physicist turned movement and sports engineer, Patricia understands the body's levers and pulleys like few others. An expert in Biomechanics, Patricia has worked with numerous national and professional level sports teams in countries such as Germany, Finland and Iceland.

Deploying her considerable skill set across borders comes naturally to this proud mother as she can happily converse in six languages.

Patricia acts as an External Advisor and assists Anahana Wellness across a broad spectrum of projects.