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Private Yoga Lessons

Private Yoga Lessons in the comfort and convenience of your own home, with Anahana’s experienced and professional instructors.


Private Yoga Lessons

Experienced Yoga Instructor

In Home Private Yoga

No traffic, no parking, no crowded studios. Enjoy personalized attention in the comfort of your own home. The best instructors in the city are available to deliver a number of styles for everyone from the complete beginner to the expert looking to round out their practice. 

  • Depending on your wellness goals and personal situation an Anahana Wellness Advisor will take the time to understand how to best help you and match you with an instructor you can grow with.

  • Saying you are doing yoga is many ways like saying you are going to the gym, or going for a workout. There are lots of different approaches and lots of different styles depending on what you are looking for. 

    You may have heard of Hatha, Astanga, Seniors, Power, Hot or many other styles of yoga. In fact, many experienced instructors teach a number of styles and often even mix and match. 

    What’s important is that you are working in a style that will best serve your needs and your personal situation. 

    Any guesses who can help with this?

Anahana offers Yoga Instructors proficient in Hatha, Vinyassa, Restorative, Self-Awakening Yoga, Yin, Mindful Yoga, Esther Myers, and numerous other styles.

Our Wellness Advisors match clients with the right Instructor to meet individual needs and provide a personalized fit to meet both short and long term goals.

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