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Anahana Wellness offers a conservative and measured approach when working with all of our clients towards their health and fitness goals.

While the health and wellness industry is overflowing with products and services offering quick fixes, the reality, that all of us deep down know to be true, is that lasting change requires lasting commitment and effort.

Habit change can often be overwhelming, not only from a practical standpoint, but also in terms of mental and emotional capacity. Psychological research has consistently demonstrated that too much change in the short term greatly reduces that likelihood of implementing lasting improvement and ingraining new more healthy habits. This applies not only to our diet, and exercise regimes, but how we interact with others, how we interact with technology, and mostly importantly how we interact with ourselves. 

Seeking balance in one’s life in terms of nutrition, quality of movement, stress, overall health and happiness is no easy task in the modern age. There exist endless opportunities every day, even every hour, to make decisions that take us further away from natures balance.

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The Wellness Advisors, Instructors, and Practitioners that make up the Anahana Team provide the expert guidance and tools to take ownership of your health.

Simple yet comprehensive and adaptable programs are custom tailored with realistic and attainable short term outcomes that lay the foundation to build a strong base for long term health. Programs are designed across multiple time frames with progressive targets to work towards one's wellness goals in a manageable and sustainable fashion. Whether working from a rehabilitative or performance perspective, this consistent methodology is as applicable to those with existing conditions as well as elite athletes striving for that next level of excellence.