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Virtuous Circle

We’re on a mission to guide our clients on a wellness journey to become healthier, happier, and live longer - it takes trust and commitment from our instructors, the Anahana Team, and our clients to cultivate a virtuous circle of growth and investment in health. Our circle includes the best and most passionate leaders in health and wellness - let’s be better together!


Our instructors facilitate movement and breath to unearth the inner resiliency in everyone.


Share your teaching, explore new styles, and upgrade your training to evolve.


A like-minded community network to nurture your talent and stay inspired.



Culture is incredibly important in any organization. These values represent ours.


From expert yogi to corporate CEO. We meet our clients where they are at.



No shortcuts. No gimmicks. We take the long term view on health & wellness.



No instructor is an island. Thrive within a network of the best health & wellness professionals.



Respect the process. Be mindful and patient and good results will follow.



Be part of a pioneering, top-tier, and holistic health & fitness team

Pop-up classes, workshops, and knowledge exchange

Seamless - you teach or treat and we take care of everything else

Integrate revolutionary and unique technology in your teaching

Teach through Anahana Retreats in sunny places such as Costa Rica, Bali, and Hawaii

Continuing education and assisted financing for trainings/education

Teach abroad/relocate in other countries


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