Invest In Your Health, Happiness, Family, Future, Legacy



Are You Investing in Your Future Health?

Your health is your most important asset - why not build a wellness portfolio that is set up for long term health and wellness returns for you and your family?
Anahana Wellness Advisors assess and manage your health and wellness goals using a similar strategic and proactive approach as financial planning.

Health is Wealth

A shift of mindset. Re-prioritizing the value placed on health over wealth to get you closer to living longer. 

Our health is an asset that naturally depreciates at an accelerating pace. You wouldn't wait for a market crash before considering the impact on your investment portfolio. The same proactiveness applies when building a wellness portfolio that stands through whatever ups and downs life throws at you. 

Statistics Source: UBS Survey of Ultra High Net Worth Clients



Your Wellness Portfolio

Many of us wait until an illness or accident impacts us or a loved one before seriously investing in our wellbeing.

Re-focus your time, effort, and finances to achieve the highest ROI on health and wellness.

What percent of your wealth would you sacrifice to guarantee an extra 10 years of healthy life?

Statistics Source: UBS Survey of Ultra High Net Worth Clients


Proactive vs. Reactive

Life can be unpredictable. Being prepared for the unexpected can mean the difference between a small health issue and a serious one. 

Working with the right team ensures you are hedging your downside and placing yourself in a proactive position to live a long and healthy life.