Injured? Poor Posture? Laging Performance?

Functional Body Assessments

It is a lot easier to get to where you are going if you know where you are starting. Using the best and latest technology, Anahana’s network of instructors, partners, and Wellness Advisors work together as your personal assessment team.

We start by identifying where your body is at and then recommend the best tools for injury recovery, posture alignment, and improved performance. And, we don’t stop there! We track, analyze, and adapt your assessment program as you progress.

  • Injury Assessment: First things first, do no harm! For those with chronic or recent injuries, our expert practitioners work with you to come up with an injury recovery program that will allow you to safely maintain your workouts while reducing the risk of further injury.
  • Postural Assessments: From moms carrying their small kids to CEOs chained to their desks, our posture assessments identify the best methods to correct years of posture imbalance from repetitive movement patterns and fixed positions.
  • Performance Assessments: Looking to break the club record, run a marathon, or get ready for that big ski trip? Work with one of our body work experts to figure out how you can perform your best, reduce the risk of injury, and focus on whatever your sport is.

Frequently Asked Questions