Breathing Exercise Wiki

Breathing techniques are an essential part of many different fitness and health routines. Various methods can help improve cardiovascular health, deepen breathing, and prevent respiratory problems. Breathing exercises can also help to relax the body and mind, reduce stress levels, and have many positive benefits for mental health.

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Breathing Exercises

Like the beating of your heart, your respiratory system doesn’t need monitoring to continue on — every second, of every minute, of every hour, of every day. It’s performing autonomously.

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young woman performing box breathing while sitting down

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Box Breathing

Deep breathing exercises such as Box breathing, also known as Square breathing, have been positively associated with everything from better sleep and...

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illustration of what tummo breathing is and how it works

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Tummo Breathing

For centuries, Tibetan Buddhists have practiced tantric meditation known as tummo meditation or breathing. It is also known as psychic heat or inner...

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little kindergarten boy blowing dandelions using breathing exercise for kids

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Breathing Exercises For Kids

Teaching your child how to breathe correctly can be a daunting task. But if you make it into a fun experience, where you participate yourself, you...

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